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    Two Dumb Blondes - 2 - Funniest Pics
    It's so nice when two dumb blonds get together for a great punchline!
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    Two Dumb Blondes - 2 - Funniest Pics -

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    We have often ask ourselves why you don't hear too many jokes about brunettes or redheads out there? This makes us think of when the time will come when all the blond women will unite and start making jokes about their hair nemesis? Brunettes and Redheads beware for the revenge of the blonds!

    Ah, the sweetness of a punchline! One has to ask if this could have really happened? Hey you never know with blondes! Hope you enjoyed this blond joke.
    No REAL blonds were hurt during the making of this joke. *We hope*

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